Interview with Stage Manager Tom Hafner

Meet Lend Me A Tenor‘s stage manager Tom Hafner, technical magician, master of sound, lord of the lighting board and everybody’s rock!

What is the role of a stage manager?
The stage manager is responsible for the technical details of a theatre production and assumes full responsibility for the stage during the performance of a play.
How long have you been working with Entity?
I joined Entity in 2013. I didn’t climb through a window on stage, instead I was asked to take pictures and one day stood in a theatre with many women for the play The Women. I have helped every production in different ways. Starting with taking pictures, working on the Business team, creating flyers and programs. Running sound for many shows and receiving a nomination for the FEATS Discretionary Award for the “Helicopter effect” for Numbers in 2017. I took over the stage manager position for the last performance of Numbers in Salzburg at the English Drama Group Salzburg 50th Year Anniversary Mini Festival. I was also stage manager for Stage Kiss last year.
Why is Lend Me A Tenor a good play for Entity?
It got selected by a group of people who were listening to many presentations and hard competition and concluded that this is a good play. I think it is funny and will make the audience laugh and give them a good time.
What is your favourite part and your most difficult challenge from the technical point of view?
The technical part is kinda easy for me as an engineer. The challenge is to coordinate the people, see that everybody understands what is expected and have the show running without any noticeable problems. I have great help from my Assistant Stage Manager Martin Büsing and overall a great team around us.
What are your specific tasks during the rehearsal period and during the performances?

During the rehearsal we are in the background, watching and learning about the play, figuring out the technical requirements of the play. Like having a boxed set with six doors. During the performance, me and my team make sure that lights and sound are working, props are in position, cast is there in time, basically that everything is running and the audience can enjoy the show and have a great time with an Entity Theatre performance.


At Entity’s storage room: Choosing the right props is hard work!

Pictures: Katrin Fegert, Christine Fuss, Tom Hafner